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About Me

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I have a nationally recognised qualification as a counsellor with a particular interest in grief and loss having achieved a study Major in this particular field. I continue to study and undertake Continuing Professional Development and always adhere to a strict Code of Ethics as set out by The Australian Counselling Association.

​​In addition to working with people experiencing grief and loss, I also work with and offer support and assistance with:

  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Stress and Overwhelm
  • Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Anger Management
  • Fatigue in the Workplace
  • General challenges in your life, including life transitions

But more significant than any tests or awards is my personal experience with life, loss and the accompanying emotions, that are part of being human.  Being a counsellor is only a part of who I am. I am an animal lover who has loved and lost. I have experienced grief on multiple occasions with pets and people including two brothers, my only siblings and I know that it is in ‘walking with’ supportive people such as counsellors, that we get through these experiences. I am passionate about supporting people to live a happy, healthy and balanced life, with empathy and person-centredness.

By My Side was originally established to provide a safe space for people experiencing grief and loss, particularly the overwhelming and often misunderstood pain of losing a pet, but it has since grown so that I now assist and support people with a whole range of challenges in life.

In our lifetime it is inevitable, we will all experience loss – whether death of a beloved pet, or loved one, loss of a job, a marriage, identity and so on. If you feel pain or a lasting sense of sorrow that follows loss or if you are having difficulties day to day of any kind, feel free to contact me so we can work together in ways you are comfortable with.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the care of a pet with a terminal illness, or you have lost a beloved pet, please refer to loss of a beloved pet.

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