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Anger Management

Anger is an emotion we all experience in our lives
Anger is an emotion we all experience in our lives

Anger is an emotion we all experience in our lives. Sometimes it is in response to a perceived threat, a profound frustration, or an attack on our self-worth, but whatever it may be, anger is a primal response. Natural anger (or ‘primal anger’) helps with problem-solving, by motivating and energising you to tackle your problems. However, when patterns of anger become automatic, ingrained, and destructive they no longer serve a functional purpose and may cloud rational judgement, negatively impacting on people and their relationships.

Just as every struggle with anger is different, so are the triggers that may ignite your feelings, these typically arise from our everyday interactions. Whatever triggers are behind your anger, it is important to know you will not be trapped forever, and that there is a way forward.

While it is never an easy question to face, it is important to ask yourself – do you feel as though anger is negatively impacting your life? If your answer is yes, I can assist you in recognising your symptoms, exploring triggers and any beliefs that contribute to anger. Through breaking down your progress into small steps, you can find solace and support on your journey towards calm and measured responses, rather than impulsive reactions.

Rebates are also available to eligible members of Medibank Private or Doctors Health Fund (please refer to your policy for further details).

“For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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