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Stress is not unique in our hectic fast-paced world.
Stress is not unique in our hectic fast-paced world.

Stress is not unique in our hectic fast-paced world. The World Health Organization has dubbed “Stress” the “Health Epidemic of the 21st Century”; quite staggering isn’t it? The impact upon our emotional and physical health can indeed be devastating.

Stress can arise as the result of a one-off traumatic experience or challenging, ongoing events in life, which can overwhelm you emotionally and/or physically. For many reasons, we each cope with and respond to these events differently and to different degrees.

The symptoms of stress we experience, however, are typically similar and may include, flashbacks, insomnia, anger, depression (internalising catastrophe)  or a loss of self-esteem (self-blame or questioning why did this happen to me).

Sometimes we aren’t aware or don’t realise that these events can trigger mental health concerns and continue to touch our lives day-to-day.  Sometimes the effects are subtle, e.g. we start to isolate ourselves and say no to social invitations; and sometimes they are not so subtle, e.g. we may turn to substance abuse or any number of high-risk behaviours. If we have a safe supportive network, we might try to seek help by reaching out to friends, family, work colleagues or significant others in our life.

If you feel you are out of your depth in responding to stress and stress levels in your life, you can feel secure and know that you will be supported towards coping mechanisms that are designed to manage stress levels and give you and your body some much needed reprieve.  

I would love to meet you, provide a safe space for you to talk and a legal and ethical confidentiality that friends and family cannot guarantee, with confidentiality discussed prior to making a booking.  And let’s face it, sometimes it’s just better to talk to someone outside of your social sphere.

Rebates are also available to eligible members of Medibank Private or Doctors Health Fund (please refer to your policy for further details).

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another” – William James

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